How to Start a Business

Simple and easy steps on how to start a business, increasing your income and providing you with the lifestyle you a looking for.

You can either follow the steps on how to start a business below or WEBFAST will arrange for you!

The Pathway to Success

WEBFAST is your Digital Marketing Agency based in Sydney with International reach. We can help you every step of the way.

Success is just round the corner!

What type of business?

The first step on how to start a business is identifying what type of business is going to suit your education, qualifications, experience, lifestyle, life and financial goals.

If you are not an expert in the type of business you have chosen, you will need to gain knowledge and experience to insure your new business venture has a good chance of being successful.

It is usually quite easy to research businesses on Google and other search engines.  Find the most successful business in the field you have chosen and research their Website for ideas you can use in your new business venture.

Choose your business very carefully as you will be spending the majority of your time for next few years building it up!

Start searching for your business concept now click GOOGLE 

Business Name and Branding

Ok you have decided on the business you would like to start, now you need to think of a name which will become your businesses brand.

Choose your Brand carefully!

Your business name and brand is extremely important to capture your potential customers or clients and be remembered!

People will need to identify your products or services when they hear or see your brand name.

When you have thought of a name you will need to check to make sure no one else has your proposed name.

You will need to go to the following websites to check your potential name:

Australian Securities & Investments Commission

Australian Business Register

You will also need to check that someone has not already Trade Marked your proposed name.

Intellectual Property Australia


If you have trouble navigating through the IP Australia website you can go directly in as a Guest and search names by clicking

Domain Name Registration

Select your business’s website Domain Name by clicking below

domain name registration

It is important for your business brand, that your domain name is easily identifiable with your business name.

You business should be easy to find on the web for your customers or clients and also your domain name will be seen on all your emails.

Our friendly WEBFAST team can assist you.

Website Hosting

WEBFAST offers highly secure, reliable Web Hosting with a 99.9% uptime Guarantee at a affordable price.

Select your secure web hosting

web hosting australia

Website Design

We will make designing a website and creating your brand an enjoyable experience for you!

You can be involved in the process as much as you would like or as least as you like.

Your website will look great on all devices; PC, Mac, Mobile Phones, Tablets & iPads etc.

Give the WEBFAST team a call on 1300 883 582 for a chat about you new website.

Web Video Production

At WEBFAST we can produce a high quality web videos for small budgets or big budget high end video and film production.

web video production

It has been proven that web videos are far more effective in engaging customers and holding their attention on a product or service and are more likely to contact to inquire or buy products or services.

For further help and assistance on how to start a business and branding your business contact us at WEBFAST call 1300 883 582 or International +61 477 000 057