Online Marketing

The key to online marketing is to understand the different platforms available to you on the internet, which will help attract more visitors to your website,  increasing customers for your business and create awareness for your company and products.

WEBFAST will create your online marketing campaign using all the latest technologies, assuring you of success.

If your Website needs a update to capture your new sales leads, we will upgrade your website to motivate people to click on the inquiry form or call you.

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There are three main online marketing sectors

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are great for creating brand awareness, it also encourages users to share it across their own accounts. The “Electronic Word Of Mouth” is a powerful tool, when a message is spread from reader to reader it appears to come from a trusted third party source. We use but are not limited to:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+, Vimeo




Web Marketing

We will organise relevant websites who will integrate your advertisements into their online content and we will offer packages to design your advertisements for you. Our web marketing also includes but is not limited to:

Pay Per Click, SEO, Display Advertising, Web Banner Advertising, Sponsored Search, Editorial

Email Marketing

Involves sending emails on a large scale either to a purchased list or current customers. Having a subscription to your page is a great of growing your customer database. The main purpose of email marketing is direct sales. For example, a ‘Newsletter’ promoting new arrivals or a special promotion being offered.

We will help identify your goals and long term growth plans to create a customised online marketing campaign for you!

Online Marketing

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