Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design

Developing and designing an effective Website which captures traffic from your target customers or clients is very important and  WEBFAST web design Sydney will give your the winning edge!

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professional website design

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Responsive fully mobile friendly web design.

WEBFAST’s team is made up of not only professional web designers and developers.  It has successful business people who provide expert guidance throughout the design process.

Responsive Website Upgrade

it is important to upgrade your website or build a new website to a mobile friendly responsive website.  This means the screen and all content will adjust size down to be easily viewed on mobile devices such as; Mobile Phones, iPads and other tablet devices.

Over 50% of the world’s mobile phone users now mostly browse the internet with their mobile phones instead of their laptops, Macs & PCs.

Google has changed its algorithms to favour mobile friendly websites and will put further focus on this in the future.

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Professional Website Design

WEBFAST is your Sydney based fully integrated  professional Digital Marketing Agency, specialising in Brand Establishment, Brand Recognition, Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Web Video Production, Online Marketing, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, E-Commerce, Content Management Systems, SEO, Content Copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Marketing, Lead Generation, Traffic Generation, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Conversion Optimisation, Google Adwords Management, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Social Media Management, Sales Lead Generation & Email Marketing Campaigns.

Professional Website Design, Web Videos Sydney, Cloud Hosting and Domain Registration by WEBFAST.

Your fully integrated Web Design and Web Video professionals based in Sydney Australia, providing you with the latest in website & video design, technologies and production methods.

No matter how large or small your business is, Webfast has a solution for you. The Webfast team’s business marketing experience will provide you the winning edge!

Website Design & Development

Your professional website design team Website and Web Videos will load quickly and seamlessly due to our attention to detail in the development of your Website.

Webfast will develop, design & build your Website to maximize your businesses web exposure, generating real sales leads for sales team to close.

Web Video Production Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

video production

Web Video Production shot in full HD crystal clear videos able to be viewed on Websites and most mobile devices such as Ipads & Mobile Phones.  We will shoot your video on location or in our Green & Blue Screen Studio.  You can present on your web video or one of our professional presenters will present your product or service.

Video & Film Concept advice, Story Boards, Video Shoots on location or in our Green Screen & Blue Screen Studio, Professional Presenters, Actors, Special Effects, Post Production, Video Editing & Sound Tracks.  Video produced to CD, DVD, Blu-ray or uploaded to your Website, YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Web Videos, Corporate Videos, Lifestyle Videos, Real Estate Videos & Investment Videos etc.

Web videos sell your story far better than text.  You need to capture your customer’s or client’s attention within the first few seconds or they will click to the next website!

Web Videos on your Website are the ultimate sales aids.

Evolution Living Media Web Design Sydney & Video Production 

Comprehensive web design service available to optimise your Web Video.

 Professional Presenters – Web Videos

Webfast has many professional presenters for your new Web Videos.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Has changed recently, where in the past offshore link builders would build you a few hundred links to low quality websites which would give your website a higher world ranking or input a whole lot of key words within your website that had no relevance to the product or service you are selling.  Thus providing you with a whole lot of irrelevant fake traffic.

At Webfast we will elevate your website to the first page of Google with real traffic that produces real qualified sales leads on the way to the top of an organic Google search for your product or service.

How will we do that for you?

By listening to your online marketing needs, understanding your business and our research will identify where your prospects can be found online and we then target these sources using SEO, search advertising, display advertising, web videos, social media and mobile marketing.


Webfast will design, build & implement a online customer friendly E-Commerce online shopping experience that is easy for your customers to navigate and purchase your products and services.

Lead Generation

Does your business need more qualified sales leads?

Through understanding your business and our research will identify where your prospects can be found online and we then target these sources using SEO, search advertising, display advertising, web videos, social media and mobile marketing.

Maximising your online marketing dollar.

professional website design

Generating sales leads online you need to capture your target market’s attention and interest. The Webfast design team will create high resolution attention grabbing online images and videos to motivate your potential customers to register their interest on your website.

Your Webfast Lead Generation Campaign is fully quantifiable through our detailed reporting on the performance of your campaign.

Google Adwords

From our experience Google Adwords is by far the most effective way to advertise your product or service on the internet.

Our clients have seen results virtually as soon as their Google Ad Campaign goes live!

Through correct selection of keywords, geographic target market and advertising budget, combined with a great looking and functional Website for your new customers to land on, your Google Adword Campaign will be a success.

We highly recommend you use a Google Adword marketing Campaign.

Traffic Generation

By taking the time to understand your business and who uses and purchases your products and or services, we will eliminate markets that will not yield your optimum sales leads, which in turn will lower your Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA).

Through understanding your business and our research will identify where your prospects can be found online and we then target these sources using SEO, search advertising, display advertising, web videos, social media and mobile marketing.

Maximising your online marketing dollar.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Through the effective identification of your target market and spending your marketing dollars on attracting your target market only will convert more sales leads into actual sales.

Your Website is the front door to your business and having a highly optimised website to capture the incoming sales leads (people) and motivate them to either pick up the telephone to call you, email you or complete the contact form, to enquire about purchasing your product or service.

A recent Webfast client had to reduce their online advertising budget due to receiving too many sales inquiries.

Conversion Optimisation

WEBFAST web design, web videos, SEO, social media, online advertising, mobile websites & applications are engineered to maximise your ROI, produce real cash returns and grow your market share.

Effective implementation of our online strategies will maximise your online bottom line. Webfast carefully tests and tracks your online numerical outcomes to optimise every aspect of your online presence.

We will provide you with detailed monthly reports allowing you to monitor your Website & Online Marketing Campaign’s progress. Our goal is to produce a high ROI and maximize your Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) of every new lead or sale.

There is no use attracting traffic to your website that is not interested in purchasing your product or service.

With our strategic optimisation approach, your business will see a rapid increase in the level of highly qualified traffic arriving on your site and then being converted into genuine sales and leads.

CMS Content Management System

Content Management Systems CMS should be easy to use for business people without the need of any specialised Web Design experience.  Webfast will provide you with a simple fast and efficient Content Management System for your Website.   If you need assistance our support team with be more than happy to help you.

Website Hosting

No need to pay huge monthly fees to Host your Website, Webfast will provide you with a affordable, reliable and fast hosting service.

Content Copywriting

If you need assistance with the text component of your web our team will assist you copywriting. Easy!

LinkedIn – Social Media

LinkedIn has been a valuable resource for our clients and it is a powerful tool for networking with people within your industry.

Clients have noticed positive results within the first few days of using LinkedIn whether it be gaining new clients, consultants etc.

YouTube – Social Media

YouTube is a great addition to your social media package.  Youtube videos can be streamed & viewed on most mobile devices and with proper placement can enhance your brand and increase traffic to your website.

Vimeo – Social Media

Vimeo is an excellent website to upload your HD (High Definition) videos.

We recommend our clients to include Vimeo on their websites.

Facebook – Social Media

Facebook is a great way to let your friends know what you did on the weekend, other than that Facebook is not where you spend a lot money on advertising.  We have found limited success with Facebook.  Not a great business tool to generate income for your business.

Twitter – Social Media

Twitter is a great way of communicating short messages, photos & videos over the internet.

We recommend our business clients include a Twitter account on the their Websites.

Professional website design by WEBFAST and Video Production Sydney, will increase your sales.

Contact WEBFAST for your professional website design and chat about your Website & Video needs; 1300 883 582

Web Design Sydney

One of our clients that has had great success with attracting clients and converting inquires to sales dollars is Prudential Finance.  Prudential Finance is scheduled for a major website upgrade to a mobile friendly responsive website next month.  See

Our latest client ELYSIUM HABITATS has already had great results from its new mobile friendly website. See

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