Responsive Website Upgrade

Responsive Website Upgrade

Google has changed its search algorithms on 21 April 2015 to cater for changing usage patterns as more people are accessing the internet using mobile devices and you may need a responsive website upgrade.

Responsive Website Upgrade
Responsive Websites are Mobile Friendly

You will now see more mobile-friendly websites and more relevant App content in Google search results.

Responsive Websites change size of images, text & videos to fit any mobile device and enable easy browsing on small screen devices.

If you do not have a Responsive-Website then you search rankings will suffer dramatically.

Over 60% of people now search the internet on their mobile phones, iPads & Tablets etc. Therefore it is now imperative to convert to a “Responsive Website”.

The Responsive Website

Don’t be left behind by your competitors.

The WEBFAST® team will make building your website a hassle free experience. You can have as much or as little inout as you like.

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